Our Story

MAKASI initiative stands upon a social and environmental responsibility, to educate and offer handcrafted eco-solutions to the community as a whole.

To create not only an eco-friendly straw with a paramount quality design but to strive progressively within a green business enterprise instituting sustainable practices in every angle and emplacing an ecologically consumer mind set at the same time. Being the difference, making it count.

Makasi started as a eco enterprise using the bamboo straws as a medium, the research took over a year, from visiting bamboo forests, connecting with the local harvests and producers in Indonesia. The full collaboration with the local community, hands on, allowed MAKASI founders to meet the “Almighty Bamboo” in its natural grounds, to learn and respect the bamboo, the primal resource and its eco-viability attributes applied it to its final product. The wave of positive feedback made the ride so enjoyable, empowering the meaning behind the company ethos, “Gratitude” all the way.

Our creativity culminated into our new product MATAIR - a water filtration dispenser made of ceramics in partnership with Jenggala using Nazava technology. 

We are the “Change” we seek.

Contact Us: Jl Bedugul 9, Bali - Indonesia email: [email protected]